Wine Flights

What is a wine flight?

Wine didn’t grown wings and fly away…and no it’s not a new airline that offers wine tasting aboard.

Wine flights, or what are commonly referred to as a TASTING FLIGHT, are 3 or more generous tastes of wine in succession for the purpose of trying a variety in a certain year,  region, or varietal.   Flights are gaining popularity in many bars and restaurants.

Wine flights are a little different than a wine tasting in the sense that you get to choose the wines you want, and the amount of wine in your glass is a bit more generous than a usual tasting (approx. 3 ounces) and at a pretty good price too.    In addition, it gives you the ability to enjoy many different wines without drinking too many glasses and plastering yourself to the wall.

Recently at the Suisun Valley Wine Coop my husband and I were in a tasting room and were communicating our love for Zinfandel.   Kat, the wine steward was gracious enough to pull out 4 bottles of Zinfandel from the same vintner which was Sunset Cellars and we got the privilege of tasting a flight from four different harvest years.  It was amazing the difference in taste and subtle nuances of each wine.

Tasting Flights are a great way to compare different interpretations of the same varietal or different wine region.

It would be interesting to create a pairing flight to go with your 4 course meal starting with an aperitif before or during the appetizer, and then move to something to go with your soup and salad course, and so on finishing up with a sweet dessert wine at the end of the meal.

There are endless possibilities whether you have your flight already set up for you, or you create your very own.  Go and have fun with it!

Cin, Cin!  Salute!

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Wine Individuality and Character


Wine Individuality and Character

Imagine the perfect setting, a cool Spring afternoon, the sun peaking through the trees and lightly shining warmth on your face. You are on a blanket picnicking with the one you love.  All around you are stunning rolling hills covered with rows of vines. You lift your glass to your nose and close your eyes breathing in the beautiful bouquet, melting into the moment. You know just by the smell, the taste is going to be heaven and as you sip it and feel it’s warmth run down your throat you realize you have found it. The one Zinfandel you have been looking for all of your life. As far as you are concerned others you’ve tasted before pale in comparison and yet to someone else this may be an entirely different experience.

Wine is as individual as the taste for fashion, music, and art. Wine can be as debatable to critics as politics, but one thing is for sure. Wine brings food and people together. Wine is a beautiful, artful experience and I now understand why enthusiasts choose to buy cases of their favorites and nurture it’s existence in their own home cellars.

We are blessed to live just a hop skip and a jump from The Napa Valley. In creating this web log, we plan to visit wineries all over California and educate ourselves about the many wonderful regions and varietals out there. We are committed to sharing all of this information to those who subscribe and visit our site. We are also looking forward to meeting many wonderful people as we go about our Wine Journey.  We thank you and welcome your comments and participation in our endeavors.

Cin, Cin, Salute!

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