The Castle Of Love

Recently on a trip to Napa Valley my husband surprised me and took me to the Castillo Di Amorosa.    As we drove up the road I could not believe my eyes.   There right in front of me was a real Castle.   Little did I know that my husband had planned the whole thing days in advance.

He had contacted the castle ahead of time and arranged a private table atop one of the towers with a dozen roses, wine, cheese and candles and it’s where he proposed to me that we get remarried.  It was an amazing day full of romance and the Castle just added to the magic!  (Later I will write in detail of my experience  of  the winery itself.)


The wine that my Husband chose for this wonderful occasion was La Fantasia “FANTASY”   A very fruity Rosé with creamy berry flavors and a slight effervescence.  Not at all like a Champagne.  I wouldn’t even venture to say it is a sparkling wine.    Men,  you will score big points with this one  for a romantic Valentines Day dinner with a few raspberries dropped inside the glass.  It goes well with yummy creamy Brie and Chocolate covered berries.

Cin! Cin!,  Salute!!

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Living In The Wine Country – Napa, CA

Thanks to our good friends over at, we’re able to provide you with this valuable information about Real Estate and other neighborhood information in the heart of the Wine Valley Country popularly known as NAPA, CA.

We hope this little tool will be helpful in your search for property within close proximity of the Wine Valley Review “stomping” grounds.

Welcome To Wine Country

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Rombauer Winery


Deep in the heart of the Napa Wine Country, off the beaten path there lies a treasure, a little piece of Heaven called Rombauer Winery.

Set on a hillside overlooking the Mayacamas Mountain Range, this winery is intimate, quaint, and secluded.   If you love Horticulture, you will find this location to be quite fascinating.   The garden pathways that wind up and down with stairways are covered with many varieties of plants and flowers.

I recall smelling each rosebush as I made my way down the delightful path witnessing beautiful bumble bees dancing happily from flower to flower.  There are interesting pieces of artwork along the way as well.

The sweet homey atmosphere is quite different from the larger wineries that house many tasters at a time and large picnic areas overflowing with people.  While there is no deli there, you are welcome to bring your own picnic which I personally recommend.

Several times daily there is a Wine and Cheese paring where you can get more intimate details of the wines and the winery itself.

Now lets get to the wine review. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Rombauer’s 2008 Zinfandel.   So much so that no other has managed to measure up to it.  From the moment your nose hits the glass you know you have found something quite different!

Amazing to the nose and consistent through to a lingering finish.  Layered with rich dark berry flavors, smooth oak, slight pepper, and soft tannins.  This wine is stellar on so many levels!!

Please do yourself a favor and visit Rombauer Winery. You will not be disappointed by the beauty, the staff, and the evidence that there are still those who take pride in their craft!!  If you’ve experienced this wine or winery, take a moment using our rating system below to give us your rating.

Cin, Cin, Salute!

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