The New Kitchen Medicine Cabinet

This is just way too cool to not post and share. It was sent to us from a friend and though we are not sure where this home is located, the fact that it exists is really awesome. To say we are slightly jealous would be an understatement.

“As we’ve gotten older we have found that our little medicine cabinet in the bathroom is too small.  Also, we’ve learned that there are certain medicines you want to keep close for quick access.  So…. we are installing this in our kitchen.”

PS – Don’t miss the simple, old fashioned cures at the bottom.

Disease & Wine Daily dose

Allergies — Médoc 1 glass
Anemia — Graves 4 glass
Bronchitis — Bourgogne or Bordeaux > ( + sugar and cinnamon ) 3 cups
Constipation — Anjou blanc electricity . Vouvray 4 glass
Coronary arteries — Dry Champagne 4 glass
Diarrhoea — Beaujolais Nouveau 4 glass
Fever — Champagne sec 1 bottle
Heart — Burgundy , Santenay Rouge Two glass
Uric acid gout — Sancerre , Pouilly Fume 4 glass
Hypertension — Alsace , Sancerre 4 glass
Menopause — Saint Emilion 4 glass
Depression — Médoc 4 glass
Obesity — Burgundy 4 glass
Obesity — Rosé de Provence 1 bottle
Rheumatism — Champagne 4 glass
Excessive weight loss — Côte de Beaune 4 glass

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