Nashville Wine Diva

What is the definition of a diva? What comes to mind for me is a famous singer or entertainer, but in a single word one could sum it up to be a Prima Donna.   I have never thought of my self as such but suddenly had a change of heart when I found myself in Nashville Tennessee, in the middle of nowhere right by the airport, without a car.   Let me explain.     I made my way downstairs and asked the lady at the desk of the Hotel where I was staying if there was a place I could get a nice glass of wine.   She looked at me and smiled in a way that made me think that I must have had a look of desperation on my face.  She pointed to a hotel across the street and said,  “They have a bar over there.”

DebraLee Darling Diva

I stepped outside and made my way across the street in eager hopes that there might be a decent glass of wine in the cards.   I had my serious doubts as I walked in and spotted a very small bar that offered just a few selections of wine with what appeared to be generic labels.   The young gentleman behind the counter offered his help.   I just sighed and said, “I would like red wine please, I am from the Napa valley in California.”   YES I said that! Seriously who do I think that I am,  a celebrity that thinks if they throw out their name that a magical glass of glorious perfection might present itself from somewhere in the shadows? He looked at me and laughed saying,  “Just taste this I promise it won’t disappoint you.”

I was willing to give it my best shot and to my amazement  this Cabernet was absolutely wonderful.   This little experience taught me that INDEED I am a WINE DIVA.  Since that day I have been over several times and the young people that run this place have become my friends.  The young man that helped me the first night just finished school in Hotel management and knew quite a bit about wine.  Raj was his name and I also had the pleasure of meeting Nakia, Ian, Sasha, and Reggie .  They were all warm, friendly, and made me feel well taken care of.  The owners of this Hotel should be very proud of their staff.  In turn, anytime you see employees that are pleasant and helpful it is a direct result of they way they are taken care of by management and owners.   If you ever get a chance to visit Nashville and need a place to stay go visit  HYATT NASHVILLE AIRPORT

The wine which is worth writing about was created by  Michael Mondavi (Napa Valley) HAHA!  Yes I had to laugh!!! CANVAS – Wines Developed Exclusively for Hyatt Hotels:Cabernet Sauvignon – This Wine is smooth from start to finish with a slight sweetness, mellow tannins, and nuances of tobacco and cedar. Canvas also makes Chardonnay, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Pinot Grigio.

I was blessed to make new friends and find a pleasant glass of wine in an unlikely place.  Now if I could only fix the challenge I have with hotel coffee…..YUCK!!!!!!

Cin,Cin Salute!!!



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That Dusty Bottle of Wine

The other day I was dusting and I picked up a bottle of wine from our little wine rack and suddenly my husband said to me, “NO!  Don’t dust that!”   “Why?” I asked?  “Because the bottles look better dusty, it makes them look nostalgic.”   he said while laughing.   Well now that kind of set me back a bit,  but hey, if I get to skip dusting a section of my house,  I am all for it.

Late in the evening, I was on Facebook and saw an entry from a friend talking about wine and it got me to thinking about a bottle of wine that had been sitting on the rack for about two years maybe longer.  I went and dusted it off and it turned out to be a 1999  RUMANIEN CASTELU CABERNET SAUVIGNON which is to simply say, it was a bottle of Romanian Cab.  Something that my husband was saving for a  “Special Occasion”   It was a beautiful bottle with a Romanian Crest on it.  It somehow called to me.


We popped it open and I have to say we were quite surprised as to what was inside. The nose was not that of a wine per-se but smelled like a Brandy.  We tasted it and were shocked to find that it didn’t taste at all like a Cab but like a yummy treat that closely resembled a MADEIRA.   It was super sweet with flavors of oak and raisins.   Some Madeira wines are fortified with Brandy and that is what this tasted like.  It was smooth and warm to it’s finish but light enough to actually drink a whole glass of.  It reminded me of our all time favorite Madeira wine from V. Suitui Napa Valley.

I Googled the wine and could not locate it at all.   We could have opened the bottle and it could have been ruined, but it was perfect.  So I am thankful that we got to enjoy it as I have an idea that it was a very rare wine.    I may dig further to find out more about it but so far all the research that I have done has come up empty.  Perhaps I could find a wine collector who may know something of it.  I have saved the empty bottle.   I wanted to share the experience with our friends here.  You never know what treasures you may encounter on your own Wine Journey!!!

Cin Cin!, Salute!

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