WineGlass App uses CellarTracker

WineGlass Makes You an Expert Sommelier. There’s a time-tested strategy for navigating wine lists: the ol’“second cheapest” trick. But alas, as with most tricks, this one’s already been figured out.

Pick yourself up, betrayed wine (semi) enthusiasts: You’ve now got the expertise of a master sommelier at your fingertips with the WineGlass app, an iPhone app that helps you pick the best wines at any restaurant in seconds.

WineGlass App
Next time you’re out to dinner, open up WineGlass and scan the wine menu. The app runs the bottles through CellarTracker, the biggest online wine review community, and comes back with a report that’ll make you look like a regular Robert M. Parker, Jr.

WineGlass not only gives you ratings and reviews on every bottle, it also tells you pricing information (so you can see what’s marked up) and recommended food pairings (you know, for the rest of the menu).

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