Pinot Perfume-Reata Winery

My love for Pinot Noir is no secret.

I find it to be the sexiest of any wine and yet I am super picky about how I like it.  I tend to love a Pinot that is a bit deeper and richer.  Berry taste should be big as well as an earthy taste.    These are classic characteristics and yet I have tasted so many that have fallen flat and were a total disappointment.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that I look for is a floral note that gives it the taste of roses or lavender.

The reason why I named this post PINOT PERFUME is because I found the most incredibly fragrant Pinot that I have ever encountered.   It smelled as though I was putting my nose into a huge bouquet of roses.   I swear I could have lingered in that glass forever and possibly poured it on my body.  I’m not kidding it was THAT Fragrant.  Super CHERRY flavor danced on my tongue along with earthiness and then the ROSES!  It was elegant and wonderful!

This wine that I speak of is REATA Estate Pinot Noir 2009

Reata Winery is halfway between my home and Napa and is literally 10 minutes away.  I have driven by it for years and never noticed until this time, the perfect time.

It’s beautiful with lavish wood floors, ceilings and stone walls.  There are beautiful wooden beams and cowhide covered couches and chairs in a wonderful little sitting area. The Western theme is cute.  There is even a moss covered cow that is there to greet you upon entering.

 The beautiful large windows show the breathtaking valley.

There is a large area on the wall covered with 594 bottles that Ron Keith called, ” THE WALL OF WANT”  (In the picture below I purposefully included the head of someone behind the wine bar to show how big this bottle display is)  Ron was there pouring our wine keeping us company as we enjoyed the tasting.  It was his last day, well he said that it was SUPPOSE to be his last day, but that he was covering for the Winery manager that was on a camping trip.  What a nice guy!

If you’re headed towards NAPA VALLEY on HWY 12 this quaint little place is right there on the right and if you blink you’ll miss it so stay sharp!

Do yourself a favor and bring some food to enjoy at their nice outside picnic area area and buy a bottle of that sexy Pinot to enjoy with your honey.

Cin,cin! Salute!

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One thought on “Pinot Perfume-Reata Winery

  1. A Pinot Perfume! What an elegant experience! It’s so interesting that there are so many wines out there and you find the most perfect and story telling wines! Your experience and description sounds so enticing, and a Pinot that’s lurking with thy many notes and so fragrant…I must try!

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