Peju Winery Napa Valley

Peju Winery is one of the first you see when entering the Napa Valley Wine Country.  We have passed by it many times never stopping, but on this day we were drawn to it.   As we drove down the road that leads to the Winery, there were interesting long tree stalks growing on the side of the road.   They are a type of sycamore.   The architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds are picture worthy and are part of the wonderful experience at this winery.

As we entered, we were greeted by Kerry (a Wine Steward)  who introduced himself and then later, even remembered us by name.  He gathered a few more couples and then led us to the the tasting bar where he gave a brief introduction of the Winery.   Kerry began describing each wine in great detail  before we tasted.  I really liked his descriptions and found them to enhance our tasting experience. My husband also came up with a clever name describing our artful tasting experience  saying it was “Taste-u-cation.”

I enjoyed every single wine put in front of me at Peju Winery.

Kerry reminded me of someone very familiar, and as I closed my eyes to smell my wine,  I realized who it was.  Steve Martin.   Kerry later told me that someone had given him the nickname: Kerry “FATHER OF THE BRIDE” Andrews, and we laughed about it.

As we were were tasting, we were pleasantly surprised when we heard yodeling coming from behind us. It was one of the winery employees named Alan “Yodelmeiser”  Arnopole.   He pulled out his guitar and began serenading us with a song.   His musical gifts are described as VINTERTAINMENT.   



It’s funny I am a red girl,   I don’t prefer white wine much less Sauvignon Blanc , but on this day it was one of the wines that resonated with me the most.

Peju-2009 Sauvignon Blanc

The nose was like a symphony of fruit dancing in my glass even before hitting my mouth.

It exploded in my mouth and grapefruit flavor popped!!!   I then tasted Pineapple and Peach.   It was well balanced and slightly acidic and made my taste buds sing.   Smooth and refreshing.  It reminded me of a Spring day.

On our way out we were greeted by Brendan Scholl, (Retail Sales Manager) who was very interested in our experience.  I felt that he really cared and it made him proud to see how happy and satisfied we were.  He invited us back and we felt his sincerity.

In addition, Peju offers a wonderful art gallery with Local Artist’s work, a small book library, and a gift shop.    They use organically farmed fruit from a couple of their sustainably farmed vineyards.  What could be better than that?  Though the wines were exquisite,  the wonderful hospitality alone will draw us back to Peju!   Visit PEJU Winery and be ready for an amazing experience for ALL OF THE SENSES!!

Cin, Cin, Salute!!

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