Hospitality is EVERYTHING

A simple greeting can make or break any deal for me. A smile, a friendly and caring attitude, product knowledge, and passion are all part of good customer service.   It takes just the right person to make you feel at ease, to make you feel like they really care about your experience.   This person for us was Annie Keilman at  Trefethen Family Winery.

Annie greeted us warmly and walked us to the tasting bar.  She introduced us as INDUSTRY, meaning that she took notice when we explained that we write on this very web/blog.   Though the winery was busy, she is the one that made us feel important.

We enjoyed the wines but our experience with her is what was most impressionable.   We witnessed her amongst the visitors talking and getting to know people.  She came back to us while we were tasting to give us needed attention and to make sure we were happy.

Upon leaving she asked us about our blog and bookmarked it in her computer, bidding us a warm goodbye, and inviting us back.

The owners of this FAMILY WINERY should be very proud of Annie and we think she should have her own link and photo on their website.

Cheers to Annie!   Customer service DOES still exist!!!!

Cin,Cin, Salute!!



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